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Come In and See the Biggest Selection of Gun Safes Houston Has to Offer!

           American Security FV6030

You can now see the most gun safes Houston, TX has to offer all in one place! We are proud to announce the Grand Opening of our newly remodeled, 10,000 square foot showroom at Houston Safe & Lock, 10210 Westheimer in Houston, TX 77042. Feel free to call us with all your questions about safes at (713) 522-5555. You can also see us on the web at our Houston Locksmith website.

As experts in all types of safes, we will answer all your questions and address all your concerns in your quest to find the perfect safe or safes for you. Yes, we sell multiple safes to a lot of our customers. Some have invested in a gun safe for their car plus a gun safe for their home PLUS a fire safe for their business.

Make no mistake about it: a safe will be one of the best investments you have ever made. Do you have valuables, jewelry, critical paperwork and documents, gold, silver, coins, gems, guns and ammo in your house? A safe will protect all of these items and your one-time investment will last practically forever.

Have you ever considered investing in a fire safe? We have fire safes with 30, 60 and 90-minute fire ratings.

No one wants to think that a fire will happen in their own home, but it does happen and more often than one would think.House fires happen every day of the year in cities all over the United States and even right here in beautiful Houston.  Most often they are accidental. Cooking is the leading cause of home fires in the U.S. and the leading cause of home fire injuries.

Whether or not you invest in a fire safe, please be careful when you are cooking. Even unattended bar-b-cues can turn into a major destructive fire.
What would your family lose if there was a fire in your house and you didn't have a fire safe?
How good would you feel, knowing that all of your most precious possessions were in a safe?

American Security TF5517

I can tell you from experience that it feels REALLY good to know that my rifles, handguns, hunting knives, ammunition and even my crossbow and arrows are all safely tucked away in my safe that's bolted to my concrete floor. Nobody can even steal my gun safe in Houston!

My children are protected from accidentally getting their hands on a weapon...and you know what kind of harm can come from that!

I have a handgun safe in my truck. I have a wall safe in my business where I deal with a considerable amount of cash and checks. I have a 90-minute fire safe for my most valuable papers like Birth Certificates, Deed to my house, Stock Certificates, insurance policies, Passports and much more.

I highly recommend that you keep your guns and ammo in a fire safe too. Depending on the severity and temperature of the fire of course, your guns may very well survive a fire in your house if they are in a fire safe.
Here are some other important things to consider:

One of the best ways to protect important family valuables and documents is with a fire safe. I was wondering what the difference was between a fireproof safe and a fire-resistant safe, and discovered that there is no such thing as a fireproof safe! Any material can suffer damage from heat and fire if exposed to a high enough temperature for a long enough time. But some materials are good at resisting extreme heat and fire for a limited period of time, so fire safes constructed with these material are designated as “fire resistant”.

Average home fires peak at a temperature of 800 - 1200 degrees Fahrenheit (duration and peak temperature varies with size and construction material of home). Estimated time for firemen to get a home fire under control is 15 - 30 minutes. Since paper chars at 402°F, to protect important documents, a fire safes internal temperature needs to remain below 350°F. So at a minimum, a good fire resistant safe will keep the internal temperature below 350°F when exposed to a fire for 30 minutes that reaches a peak temperature of 1200°F.

Fire safes undergo severe independent laboratory tests, being subjected to extremely hot fires for a specified period of time (either a 1 1/2 hour, 1 or 2 hours), and some to fire impact tests (simulating a safe being blown up or falling through burnt floor boards). There are different degrees of UL classification (standardized rating earned from the Underwriters Laboratories), but to earn a rating the documents stored inside must remain completely undamaged.
American Security Fire Safe

DIfferent companies use different type of tests, but the standardized UL rating allows different brands to be compared on equal footing. Most companies test their fire safes by simulating a house fire using a special furnace, others will actually use a simulated home fire to test their safes.

Usually, the higher quality fire safes will protect your important items for a longer time at higher temperatures. Decide what is best for you. For most, fire safes protecting against an average home fire is enough. But if you live in an area where there are possible wild fires, it is not enough. Wild fires can reach temperatures up to 2000°F and burn for a couple of hours before it moves on and temperatures can cool.

Also consider the size and flammability of your home, and its proximity to a fire department. All these, plus more, can be factors to consider when buying the best fire safe for you and your family.
Please don't put off investing in a fire safe any longer. The time for procrastination is over. At least invest in a gun safe for the protection of your children from accidentally finding your gun. 

You believe in insurance, don't you? How much is safety, security and peace of mind worth to you?

Come in today and see the 300 safes we have in stock. You won't have to order a safe and wait weeks for it when you visit Houston Safe & Lock at 10210 Westheimer in Houston, TX 77042. We will deliver your new safe and install it too, usually on the same day you make your investment.

Once again, you can call us at (713) 522-5555 and you can also see more of our safes on the web at Gun Safes Houston